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This is something of an awkward [archived] rehauling of, and rather a long-time coming. Click on the fancypants text on the top left, and hop elsewhere on this bare-bones site. Really, it's just a compendium of playlists for an electronic soup of sound, RPM Charts & Adds, and a few gleaned poems.

In the future? Some collection of my pictures (digipix + doodles + the like), and some more floundered attempts at web design.

So ... what have you been up to? Read any good books? True, who has time, with the weight of the world bearing down. Yeah, I'm looking fo a softer world, too. It'd really ease up the shoulder knots. Well, there's always music. I've rather enjoyed the new Caroline (Archived) album (YT PL). Well, her only album [in 2006 -ed], and it's on Temporary Residence. Yup, that's where I nicked the talking crows. The rest of the banner + site design are mine, for better or worse. Mostly worse.

Enough of this, ghost of the internet past, take me to the present!
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